Are your patients paying?

If not, it's time to do something about it. Let
us show you how to change patient behavior
with a solution that sticks.

Patients just don't get it.

How can patients be expected to pay bills
that they can't even understand?

Jump on the technology train.

Let Strategic AR streamline and automate your
billing and collection process so you can control
Patient AR with less effort and greater results.

Your newest weapon in the battle for sanity.

Tired of evaluating individual reports? Move
it all to one screen in the AR Dashboard and
enjoy a little peace of mind.

The Solution
Simple Billing
AR DashboardTM

We have bigger gumballs.

It’s time for a revolution. Strategic AR is tired of patients ignoring Providers, so we’re shaking up the HME industry. Want your patients to pay? Change is here.

We’ve got the gumballs to prove it.

Strategic AR plays nicely with all major
HME/DME billing systems.

  • Brightree
  • Pacware
  • Universal
  • Fastrack
  • MedAct
  • CPR+
  • AR-Express